Monday, March 2, 2009

Next week!

The date has been confirmed! 

We'll be recording on March 11-13.  Wow, that's soon, but I do feel just about ready.  More and more, the music is getting integrated into my cells.  I don't have it all memorized, but that's an intentional choice at this point.  I do find I prefer to have the score in front of me while recording, mainly in order to keep track of things when communicating with the producer and my recording assistant.  Once we have the music recorded, that's when I start working on memorization.  As I move into the phase of doing more concerts of this repertoire, the music starts to inhabit different files in my brain and I will have the memorization down.

I have a few hours this morning available for practising; enough time to run the program a couple of times and address a few specific challenges.

But first, coffee...

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  1. WOW.. this is fast, my dear! Congratulations. Don't even think our friend CS has a blog... you should do the appendix.. or the prologue to his next book :-)