Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting Ready

All of a sudden, this project feels VERY imminent...not in a bad way, just in a wow-how-time-flies kind of way.  I'm really keen to get rolling but there are still a few practical matters to take care of in the next couple of days.  

Today I did some of the mundane stuff, which involved photocopying (sh! don't tell) all the scores a couple of extra times for my producer and my production assistant, baritone Mark Gardner, and numbered all the measures for ease of communication during the sessions.  Each of them will get a binder of scores to refer to as we work and they will make notes of things that we may need to do extra takes of.  

I should probably make a list of things to remember to bring to the sessions.  I think I will bring my "concert bench" from home because it doesn't squeak.  I will need a little rug to put under my feet and under the pedals to avoid any inadvertent feet noises.  Snacks might be a good plan too for all involved.

More interesting to me than these practical details, is of course the practising.  I had a good session tonight in the space at St. James'; I just feel great playing that instrument and I really look forward to sharing the recording with you once it's done!

Hoping for some good nights' sleep this week...

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