Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grieg Songs

I'm looking forward to the recital performance tomorrow at Grebel.  The program includes pieces from the 1st CD as well as some I recorded last week, as well as 6 of Grieg's songs, performed by my good friends Catherine and Mark Gardner.

The songs of Grieg are truly the height of beauty.  I really look forward to delving into learning both types of Norwegian ("book language" & "Nynorsk")  soon, so that I will be able to coach the songs with some degree of authority.  

What a joy it was to hear the Vinje settings when I was in Florida in January; they really are some the most beautiful music anywhere and were performed exquisitely by Njal Sparbo and Einar Roettingen.  And what an honour to learn from and get to know two of the internationally known experts on this repertoire:  William Halvorsen and Beryl Foster, both of whom have been generous in their praise of my work.  I very much look forward to continuing to learn from both of them.

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