Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day One (2)

Day One of recording is done.  We accomplished what we set out to do.  

I had devised a schedule for the entire session, dividing up the repertoire over three days. Today's load was a little lighter than the next two days will be because of course I had to allow for setup time.  Perhaps I was a tad optimistic regarding how long the setup would take, so we began about a half hour late.  I am happy to report though that we successfully made it through the whole list of repertoire scheduled for today simply by ending a half hour later than planned.

As the weather was super windy, it meant quite a few little delays waiting for some gusting to subside. The odd creak of the roof or a tree branch and a few noisy vehicles also intruded into the silence that we needed.  Before we started we were quite concerned about the wind whistling through some cracks by the front doors of the church.  The phenomenal caretaker at St. James', Larry Davis, generously spent some time attending to that with masking tape, so that problem was solved.

Working with Earl and Mark, I felt very supported and confident that we are covering the material thoroughly.  The piano remained in good condition throughout the session and Brad Selves came back this afternoon for another tuning to make sure it is set for tomorrow.

Hoping for a good sleep tonight and quiet weather tomorrow!

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