Monday, March 2, 2009


Today's practice session involved some "fine-tuning" of the repertoire choices, as well as deciding on a program order...these decisions will likely be altered several times before the final product emerges.  But for now, the CD will comprise a variety of Grieg's piano music chosen from the following collections:  the Holberg Suite, Peer Gynt, Lyric Pieces, his "Piano Pieces After His Own Songs" (such an awkward title translation from the original German publication), as well as Opus 17 Norwegian Folksongs and Dances, Opus 19 Pictures from Country Life.

I quite like the order or "shape" that I have arrived at.  This is one of the aspects of programming that I enjoy most; the challenge is to create unity with just the right amount of contrast, flow, and progression.  It seems to me that the feel of this CD will be a little more upbeat and exuberant compared to the more reflective mood of it's predecessor.

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