Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grieg!

Today, June 15, is Grieg's birthday!  Happy Birthday Edvard...sorry I didn't bake you a cake.

The title of this blog of mine is "Building a CD", but clearly during the last couple of months, a more apt title would be "Not Enough Time for Building a CD"!  This has been extremely frustrating for me.  I've been trying to get at the edits whenever possible, but as this type of work really needs decent stretches of time in one go, and I only seem to have at most an hour at a time available lately, I make very little progress.  

So rather than continually feeling frustrated about this, I have decided to change my timeline to a more realistic one.  During the next two months I will be playing at least a dozen concerts which means that most of my time will be spent practising new repertoire.  I'll hopefully also be playing several fund-raising house concerts to help "build the CD" during this time.   I have decided therefore to take the first three weeks of September to completely and diligently focus on finishing the editing process.  Once the kids are back at school I will keep my schedule free of just about every other commitment, which will allow for longer periods of time without the day being chopped up into smaller bits.  This means the recording release date will be mid-October.  

In the meantime, I'll be pursuing the microfunding with more focus.  I do still need to raise several thousands more before we can get this music coming out of peoples' speakers and headphones.   A blog-post on this aspect will appear soon.

There, that feels better now, and completely do-able.   And, by the way, this means that the recording will be ready just in time for Christmas shoppers.

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