Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Microfunding House Concert

I've just returned from playing the first of my microfunding house concerts.  Many thanks to Doug and Eva who hosted a lovely evening in their beautiful home.  (If you're not up on this microfunding setup, you'll find the specifics elsewhere on this blog and also on my website.)

I really enjoy performing in this type of setting.  The intimate nature of a house concert allows for a much more direct experience of the energy exchange that occurs cyclically between performer and audience.  I do believe that the audience gets a lot from being in such close proximity to the performer, and the performer can really feel the responsiveness of the audience at every moment.

Tonight's program comprised music of Northern European composers.  Grieg was, of course, featured as well as Sibelius, Gade, Stenhammar, & Medins.  I enjoy the fact that all this music is Romantic in style; this really seems to suit the soiree type of event.

I look forward to more of these occasions!

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